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Aceast Technologies Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2010 to provide a wide range of end-to-end solutions. We focus primarily on Cloud based Web Applications, iOS and Android applications, SAAS applications and Software development . If desired, we can also help with customized solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise in a wide spectrum of technologies enables us to provide the right solution within the budget. Instead of providing a generic solution, we work with the client to provide a highly customized and robust solution that meets the client's needs. The success of the client is our success and we strive to make that possible no matter what. We guarantee the quality of our implementation by following a rigorous development model. Our model seeks feedback from the client throughout the development cycle. Changes are captured and executed per client's request. Our focus is on building the relationship with the client and, to ensure that, we make sure that we provide impeccable after sales support. All queries and concerns, if any, are addressed immediately. Support is an essential component of product life cycle and, we are committed to provide our support in a timely manner ensuring the success of the client.